5 Unbelievable Tips for Revamping Your Stair Area

stairs area

Painted stairs can be a real hit in your hallway. While we place majority of our focus on walls, floors and lighting, we oftentimes forget the stairs themselves.

This is mainly due to the fact that homeowners do not like tinkering with them and there isn’t really too many articles written about stair decoration.

If you think about it, stairs allow you to create something really incredible and decorate your living in a way you though would be impossible.

To make things even better, stair decoration doesn’t have to be an intricate process. You can accomplish so much by using a new set of colors. The only issue here is getting to the top floor after all paining has been done.

This is why it is best to do decoration prior to leaving home (for vacation for example).

Here are 5 tips that will blow your mind.

  1. Basic painting

You can always go for white or some other light color. If you wish and if your interior decoration permits so, you can play with vivid color. If your home is primarily light, you can go for flower decorations, combinations of yellow, pink, red.

  1. Make sure your wall sticks out

As a way to further emphasize the stairs you can repaint your wall. Have in mind that wall can either complement the stairs or create a contrast. No matter what you do make sure not to overdo it. Although it is always good to be brave, there is a big difference between good and bad interior design.

  1. Vivid colors in the room

Contrast can also be accomplished by adding certain items. Of course, almost every household has cabinet for shoes in their hallway. But you can also add a random small coffee table upon which you can place smaller trinkets. All these items can play their part. For example, a lamp or a picture frame with floral details can do wonders for further emphasizing your stairs.

  1. Paining the handrails

Of course, besides the walls you can also create nice combinations when it comes to handrails. You can use one color for stairs and other for handrails. Have in mind that they are rather simple to detach so you can create a twist: revamp the room by adding a new natural set that will go better with the new and improved interior.

  1. Doing your ceiling

Lastly, it is necessary to mention the effect of ceiling on the room. If you really wish to dedicate yourself to the project and create a completely new experience, make sure to replace your previous lighting fixtures. By getting a new item, one that will complement the rest of the design, you can create a really wondrous experience for you and your guests.


In most cases, stair area is one of the first things guest sees when he/she enters your home. Because of that, it requires special attention and dedication as it can have a major impact on that person’s impression of your house. With these tips, you can make a good first one.

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