Picking The Right Colors According to Your Rooms

When planning renovations, most homeowners focus on one color.

People decide how their house or apartment will look like, they get the matching furniture and start painting it all over.

What most of individuals do not realize is that colors are not only important for aesthetics. They are something that affects our daily mood. Of course, different colors have different effect on us and as such, good planning is necessary.

On top of that, colors can affect rooms in various ways. This is precisely why I made this article to help you.


Nobody likes eating filthy food. Given that kitchen is the place where all this food is prepared, it is necessary to use colors that will make it look clean and sterile. This is precisely why white color is always dominant and optimal choice. It is clean and simple and it even relaxes you during preparation.

According to several research, people tend to eat more in a filthy kitchen. In a way, by using white color you are preventing overeating. Additional colors you should consider are yellow, purple as well as natural brown tones (wood colors).

Dining room colors

While it is really bad to stimulate eating in kitchen, the effect is quite opposite in the dining room.       Why is that?

Because when you sit at the table in the dining room food is already prepared and served. You will eat whatever is on the table and nothing else.

Best way to combine colors in the dining room is by creating contrast. For example, you can use white nuances together with darker furniture colors and vice versa.

Bedroom colors

Bedroom is probably the most important room in your home given how much time you spend there. Of course, it is also important for relaxation.

In that regard, it is best if you choose colors that you like. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Nevertheless, you should still focus on lighter nuances such as light pink or light blue as they will improve your sleep.

Living room colors

Unlike bedroom which is your personal haven, living room is the space where the whole family gets together. Having that in mind, it is best to compromise and use colors that are suitable for all family members.

Living room is the centerpiece of home and it does allow you some versatility. Even if you wish to go for something funky, you can do it here. In this case, colors should help the general theme. For example, if you have a modern, sci-fi living room, you should focus on white, black and metallic colors. On the other hand, if you have a hippie ambiance, green and pink will work perfectly.

Bathroom colors

Natural light is the most important thing for bathrooms. Unfortunately, given that a lot of city apartments do not have windows in their bathrooms you will need to focus on interior design. Gray color is great here but you can also play a bit with contrasts.

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