5 Amazing Mirror Types For Your Home


When we mention mirror types, most people think that we’re talking about particular models.

This is quite understandable. In the end, most people choose their mirror based on the aesthetics; fitting the mirror is much more important than its functionality.

Because of this, a lot of people get a mirror that doesn’t fulfill their needs. For example, they might get a mirror that looks great in bathroom but when they wanna go out, they can see their full figure.

Mirror producers realize this. Because of it, they made sure we have so many different mirror types to choose from. Let’s check the 5 major mirror types, their advantages and flaws.

  1. Ordinary mirrors

So what is an ordinary mirror?

It is a simple mirror without any special function or any additional purpose. This kind of a mirror is common for bathrooms, is approximately 1 meter high and used for checking your face.

Everybody has one such mirror. It is a necessity. However, even though it is a common household item, ordinary mirror has so many flaws to it.

First and foremost, it doesn’t allow you to see your whole figure. Also, when putting makeup, it leaves some blind spots which you notice only later on when it’s too late.

This is precisely why some other types were invented.

  1. Hollywood mirror

Hollywood mirrors are something that can often be seen in theaters. It makes sense given that these are the most popular professional makeup mirrors.

Their main advantage is that they illuminate your face from different angles (something ordinary mirror cannot do) allowing you to apply makeup quite easily.

Great thing about them is not only their functionality. Hollywood mirrors are also very classy which means you can easily fit them in your bedroom or some other part of the house without disrupting your décor.

  1. LED mirror

LED mirrors are somewhat similar to Hollywood mirrors. Yet, the differences are astonishing.

Although LED mirrors have a similar layout of bulbs, most people still prefer Hollywood mirror to them when it comes to makeup. Nevertheless, they still do beat regular mirrors in this aspect.

LED mirrors are noticeably more modern than Hollywood mirrors. In fact, they are some of the most modern products on the market period.

But with all that being said, the biggest advantage you get when you purchase one is the fact they have LED light. In other words, you are saving money.

  1. Mirrors with hooks and shelf

This kind has hooks and a shelf below it. As a result, you have the necessary item at the tip of your fingers.

As you can presume, such mirror is ideal for bathrooms as it gives you the ability to put mirror and towel near to each other. It is a multipurpose item that lacks a bit when it comes to décor and visual appearance.

  1. Rotating mirror

Rotating mirrors are great for small spaces.

They are attached to a stick which can be moved left and right. Mirror itself can also be rotated. Due to this fact, you can check your face from various perspectives.

This also means that the mirror can be stashed in a corner and used when needed. As a result, it will help a lot with your space.

Such mirrors are ideal for small bathrooms. They are also a bit cheaper than LEDs and Hollywood mirrors which makes them a better choice for some people.


Mirrors are so magnificent. You can use them for almost anything. But, next time you buy one, make sure to get it right. This article will help you make a choice.

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