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5 Incredible Living Room Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

living room ideas

In terms of interior design, living room is probably the most demanding part of your home.

Unlike some other area where you can skim on materials and furniture, your living room needs to be impressive. In the end, this is the space where you spend majority of your time during the day and where you have guests.

Because of this, we decided to create a list of living room ideas that will completely transform your living space. To make things better, most of them are affordable making them a perfect fit for everybody.

  1. Wall stickers

Now, I am not talking about cheap, kiddie stickers. These stickers are of the highest quality and are exclusively designed to improve your walls. Instead of getting expensive paintings, you can get these stickers that are easy to apply and even easier to take off. A perfect solution for people who are renting.

  1. Mirror for your walls

You shouldn’t only use mirrors as a functional piece. They also have a decorative purpose. As an alternative to stickers, you can place mirrors on the walls decorating them in the process. The fact that the mirror market is saturated and there are numerous shapes at your disposal makes it easier to find just the right piece for your living room.

  1. Holes in the living room walls

This solution is a bit more expensive at first but it really goes a long way. You can create holes in your walls and use them as shelves. This is a great alternative to cupboards and cabinets and is perfect fit for modern interior design. In fact, by making dents in your walls you are also able to save a lot of space.

  1. Changing the upholstery

Here is the classic but still relevant solution for your furniture. Everyone needs to revamp their living room from time to time. Unfortunately, getting all this furniture can be really expensive. So, instead of investing a lot of money into it just use your old furniture and change the upholstery. The fact that you can easily modify upholstery design and find the right thing for you makes it even better. Unlike finished furniture that comes in a limited number of patterns and colors, you can always create new upholstery from scratch and adjust it to the rest of the room.

  1. Changing the color of your light bulbs

Now, this might seem a bit artsy (and it definitely is) but by using light bulbs in different colors you can create a completely new atmosphere in your living room. Have in mind that you don’t have to completely replace bulbs that were previously in place.

The change may prove to be drastic for your eyes. Instead, reserve several slots and a switch that will be exclusive for colored light bulbs. This way, you can create festive experience when you wish and use regular lighting fixture otherwise.


As you can see, you really don’t need that much money for decorating your living room. All you require is some patience and creativity.

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