Try These Unusual Indoor Design Features in Your Home

Indoor Design Features

Make your home fab and not drab with new, unusual indoor design features. Remember, these are unique interior design features so not every option will match your style – but that’s the point! You want your home to represent you, so take these ideas and run with them.

Creative Storage Space Under the Stairs

The space under a staircase goes unused far too often. Build it out with cubbies, drawers, tall closets, and small doors if you want to increase your storage space. Room under the staircase will be truly unusual in your home because the design of it is entirely up to you. Understair storage is an affordable update which also potentially adds value to your home, boost functionality, and creates a conversation piece for guests.

Upgrade to A See-Through Bathtub

Instead of the standard glass shower, why not invest in a see-through bathtub? One of the most luxurious features for a home is the see-through tub. Open up space in your bathroom with this simple bathroom renovation. This isn’t the standard stone look most homeowners go for which makes it a real conversation piece.

Design a Treehouse Playroom

Want to add an extra pop of color to your child’s room or playroom? Instead of a standard accent wall, paint a beautiful tree starting from the floorboards all the way up the ceiling. The majority of the trunk should be on your wall, while the leaves can stretch across the ceiling. Your child is sure to be the coolest in the neighborhood with a playroom like this!

Install An Indoor Water Fountain

Why not combine art and nature by placing an indoor water fountain as a focal point in your home? There are a wide variety of models to choose from but each brings the soothing sound of trickling water with it, creating a truly relaxing ambience to enjoy. Depending on the space available, you might opt for a freestanding fountain design or alternatively hang one on the wall to be admired by all who gaze upon it. 

Pavers with a Custom Design

Added to your driveway or back patio, pavers in a custom design help define your space. The options are endless when it comes to plans. This could include a geometric pattern which is meaningful to you, a flower you love, or even a color scheme to match your favorites. A custom design in pavers stands the test of time, so you’ll have it to enjoy for years to come.

A Kitchen Window in Place of a Backsplash

If you have a kitchen which is on an exterior wall, consider adding a window in a long, rectangular shape where a backsplash would normally sit. You’ll love your kitchen window in place of a backsplash. A backsplash is typically in the wall space between the countertop and the cabinet.  Frame the window in whatever color you prefer. This unusual indoor design feature is a real conversation piece. 

Try any of these unusual indoor design features if you want to make your house more of a home. 

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