5 Amazing and Easy Tips for Improving Your Attic

improve attic

It is a real shame that only a small percentage of homeowners use their attic in a nice and productive way. This room gets a lot of sunlight, it is secluded and it can be your small haven.

Usually, homeowners are reluctant to utilize this space due to numerous issue that might arise along the way. However, with just a small effort and time invested, it can become a habitable, cool part of your home.

I present you 5 attic issues you can easily resolve.

  1. Installing windows

One of the biggest issues with attics is that windows tend to leak. Given that these windows are turned upwards, towards the clouds, it obvious how something such as that can pose a problem and affect your ability to live there. This is why it is necessary for seasoned professionals to install your windows ensuring there will be no issues in the future. Long warranty can also help.

  1. Disregarding isolation

Again, skimming on isolation is something that can jeopardize your stay. Expensive isolation is one of the best ways of saving energy in the long run and there is no real reason why you shouldn’t invest in it. Area around windows is critical as draft can easily start cooling the room. However, roof shingles can also represent a problem. Any damage to them can lead to leaks which will completely destroy you. This is why you will have to check them during every later summer or early autumn and replace shingles that are damaged.

  1. Excessive sunlight

As mentioned, attics get a lot of sunlight during the year. This is especially noticeable during summer days. As a result, the room may get heated and your stay can become unbearable. Because of this, you need to protect your glass from extra exposure. Get outside protection such as shutters.

  1. Areas that are hard to clean

Besides isolation and humidity, cleanliness is another factor that shouldn’t be neglected. Attics are really hard to maintain as builders rarely pay extra attention to them during construction. If you’re just building your house, make sure to remedy this by adding the same quality walls and floor like in the rest of your home.

  1. Bad air circulation

Even though you will probably have several windows in your attic, it will still be hard to air the room in comparison to other rooms in your home. Again, the issue can be fixed during the construction process. Make sure to add additional windows and to increase the size of the door leading to attic. This way, whether you’re getting fresh air from the outside or the inside, you can be sure there is a way to ventilate your room.

In conclusion

When it comes to attics, biggest mistakes are made during the construction.

This is why you need to plan properly and decide whether your attic will be used as a living space. Have in mind that this room can easily be habitable as long as you perform the necessary precautionary measures.

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