10 Ways to Create an Illusion of a Higher Space

higher space

Interior décor oftentimes revolves around perception of space.

It doesn’t matter if something is high or wide; it depends how we perceive it.

Low ceiling can contribute to a feeling of claustrophobia. Sometimes, it will seem as if the walls are collapsing down on you.

But do not fear! There are alterations which will at least visually increase the height of your ceiling making your home look much higher than it actually is.

Let’s check 10 tips that will help you do this.

  1. Shelves

By using open shelves that go all the way to the ceiling, you are distracting the viewer making him/her look upwards.  This can instantly create an illusion of height.

  1. Kitchen drawers

When it comes to kitchen, we have limited options. We cannot improvise and add furniture or items that do not belong there. In fact, this can even impair functionality of the room. Instead, make sure to place kitchen cupboards all the way to the ceiling. This way people will not notice the actual size of the room.

  1. Painting

Painting is the basic trick which can be applied anywhere. By painting walls and ceiling in one and the same color you are managing to blur the lines. It will be hard for a viewer to tell where the walls end and ceiling starts. If you think that your current wall color is too dark for the ceiling you can simply get something lighter and apply it on the ceiling.

  1. Drapes

Similar to pants with stripes, drapes are creating illusion of height due to vertical wrinkles that appear on them. Attach your drapes directly to the ceiling to further conceal the actual height of the room.

  1. Mirrors

Whenever you can use big mirrors. They are a great way of distract the viewer as people naturally tend to focus on them. By using big mirrors you are also able to introduce more light into the room thus creating an illusion of a larger space.

  1. Furniture

By purchasing just the right furniture you are able to create a contract within the room. Low furniture can help room look humongous.

  1. Vertical wall lamps

Again, same as the curtains, wall lamps allow you to play with your vertical. Besides the vertical positon of the lamps you will also have light extending the perceived length of the item making room look higher that it actually is.

  1. Remove the clutter

Hording things always affects the size of a room. It will make it smaller and more claustrophobic. Make sure to remove everything you can.

  1. Vertical decoration on the walls

Be daring and decorate your walls with different ornaments. They will contribute to the overall feeling of height.

  1. Doors

Lastly we come to doors. If you install high and wide doors you can make room appear much bigger than it actually is. In fact, even before a person steps into it, he/she will have a feeling of space and comfort.

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