Clean Your Bedroom Today. No More Excuses, OK?

clean bedroom

Our bedroom is our personal space at home. We spend most of our time sleeping, studying and working inside our rooms. And will that activities, our bedroom can get pretty messy in just a blink of an eye.

Especially when you’re the type of person who does not return things and objects from their places, or if you’re the type who is super busy and does not have time to clean, it is not surprising to see your room all cluttered. And with all the clutter around, our rooms seem to be a magnet of dust that can cause mild to severe allergies.

And today, it’s time to clean things up and get rid of the nasty dust around our bedroom. Here’s a quick guide you can follow to help you clean your bedroom.

Clean your bedroom by following this rule of thumb

If your room is all messed up and you are quite confused on where to start, here’s a pretty good rule of thumb you can follow: pick up everything lying on the floor and pile them in one spot (do not put them on top of your bed!).

Throw away the random stuff you won’t be using on the garbage bag, and return to places for those you will still be needing. For clothes, sort them out according to which ones are dirty and clean.

Fold and place all your clean clothes to your closet and then you can start your laundry. This way, it gets washed while you are cleaning the rest of your room. By the time your laundry is done, you probably just finished cleaning your room.

So while your washing machine is doing its thing, you can start to declutter and wipe off the dust in all your tables, night stands and counters. Work one section at a time. Make sure you have your garbage bag with you so you can easily throw away trash and unused stuff.

Now, it’s time to clean your closet. There are several ways you can organize your closet. Some people organize based on color, clothing category, favorites, etc. But one thing you need to do for sure, is to put away clothes you have not worn and won’t be wearing anymore.

Time to clean the bed itself

The next but the most important part of bedroom cleaning is cleaning your bed. Follow these simple steps to make your bed clean and refreshed.

  1. Remove all the stuff from your bed.
  2. Wash the pillow cases, sheets and blankets if necessary.
  3. Move your bed to a position where you can reach all the sides.
  4. Vacuum to deep clean your bed. Sprinkle a layer of baking soda all over and let it sit for a while. Then, vacuum again. This will deodorize and refresh your mattress condition. For stubborn stains, you might need to consult your mattress retailer for instructions.
  5. Replace everything with fresh and clean set of sheets.


  • Always keep your mattress dry.
  • Avoid drinking and eating food on or near your bed to avoid stains.
  • Always use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from stains.
  • Clean your mattress regularly.
  • Wash your sheets, blankets and pillows with hot water to kill dust mites.

Right after cleaning your bed, the last step is to vacuum your floor. A clean floor makes a whole lot of difference. And once all is set, you might need to check everything and see what areas you forgot that needs cleaning.

More Bedroom Cleaning Tips

  • Before you start, get all your cleaning supplies together like garbage bag, dustpan, furniture cleaner, vacuum, etc. This will save you more time in cleaning.
  • In organizing your stuff, put the things you always use in places you can easily reach.
  • If you’re room is too big and very messy, you might want to ask for a helping hand.
  • To make your cleaning light, fun and easy, put on some good music.
  • Instead of buying random stuff, buy items that will help you keep your room organized. Like a set of all black or white hangers and clips in the same design to make your closet look more tidy.
  • Take short breaks.
  • Remember to organize everything instead of just putting things away.

So these are the tips you need to know to help you organize and clean your bedroom. If this seem like a heavy burden to you  then always be organized, try to avoid leaving your things everywhere, and don’t procrastinate.

Once you are done cleaning, you can reward yourself and be able to sleep tight in a clean and comfy bedroom!

Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Mattress

A good bed will last you approximately 8 years. Well, depending on how much you take care of it.

There are several ways you can care and clean your mattress. You can hire a professional mattress cleaning service or simply do it yourself. Cleaning your mattress all by yourself can sometimes be very hassle. But the joy of being able to sleep in a clean and comfy bed takes away all the burden you had in cleaning.

By now, you probably have your ways on how you clean and remove stubborn stains in your mattress at home. But there might be things you are doing the wrong way. You might have been missing something that you need to know. Here, I listed some do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of when cleaning your bed.

The Dos

  • Do turn you mattress at least four times a year. Turn your mattress side to side, and top to toe so you won’t be always sleeping in the same end, and to distribute wear evenly.
  • Do vacuum your mattress at least once a month. This allows you to deodorize the mattress, maintain its condition, and avoid nasty dirt from accumulating inside the mattress.
  • Do keep your mattress dry. Bacteria and dust mites lurk in moist beds. Avoid stains and spills to get on your bed. Always dry your bed after cleaning.
  • Do buy a mattress protector. It will be one of the best investment you will ever make. This will protect your mattress from getting wet and stained. This will also avoid dust and bacteria to reach in your mattress.
  • Do strip your bed to air it out whenever you are on vacation. This lets the moisture evaporate and allows the bed to air dry itself.
  • Do follow your manufacturer’s instructions. Always ask and follow specific instructions and guidelines from your manufacturer on how to properly clean and maintain your bed.
  • Do wash your bed sheets separately with your clothes.
  • Do remove stains as soon as possible. As soon as you spill a cup of coffee or your kid wetting the mattress, immediately get your cleaning materials and spot clean the stain before it gets dry. Cleaning the stain while it’s wet will help you remove the stain easily.

The Don’ts

  • Do not sit on the ends of your mattress to maintain its shape.
  • Do not allow anyone from eating and drinking on the bed. Make it a rule to never eat in the bedroom to avoid accidental spill and stains.
  • Don’t dry clean the bed. Chemicals in dry cleaning agent might be harmful to the underlying material of your mattress. Vacuuming is the only recommended and safe method.
  • Do not soak the bed with cleaning agents when removing a stain. Whatever method or cleaning ingredient you use, always apply lightly and directly on the spot.
  • Do not let kids jump on the bed. It might be a killjoy to them, but your bed is not a trampoline. Kids jumping will damage the spring and the interior construction of the bed. It might even be more dangerous for the kids.
  • Do not move your mattress from one room to another in case of bedbugs manifestation. Consult a professional for this problem.
  • Do not remove tags and labels. Bed tags and labels might contain information you need to be aware of to help you maintain its condition.
  • Do not scrub and use a stiff brush in cleaning your bed. It might be too harsh that it might damage the fabric.

So these are some helpful information on the do’s and don’ts in mattress cleaning that you need to know. It is important to take care of our bed to ensure a good night sleep.

Always remember these tips so you will know what to do and especially what not to do in cleaning your bed.  These tips should now help you maintain your bed to its top condition and make it last for a long period of time.


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