emmerey rose decor

Hi everyone!

I’m Emmerey Rose, but you can call me Emm in short 🙂

I’m a 23 yr old blogger from the Philippines. I love basically anything where I can be as creative as I could. I have a thing for photo and video editing.

Also, a lot of you might not know but  I am a business enthusiast. I grew up with a business-minded parents. I am a proud Usana associate and I consider health and time as the currency of life. I am a huge pasta lover and listening to music is my favorite hobby.

To be honest, I never ever thought that I’d be opening myself to public through blogging. My interest in blogging began a few years back as a hobby. My first blog is EmmereyRose.com and I started it 6 years ago in 2011. It mainly focuses on fashion, beauty and hints of my personal life.

As time went by, I gradually started loving home and lifestyle content – home tips, decoration ideas, clever ways to turn your home into a wonderful place where you can relax and enjoy your free time.

Actually this was the reason why I decided to create a separate blog for it my new home passion. Hence, Breezy Creative Design (BCD.com) was made 🙂

BCD.com is a blog dedicated to my love for creativity, lifestyle and home design. I’m not an expert (I don’t do this professionally), but I’m learning and getting better as I go. If you guys have some super useful tips and topic suggestions, I gladly accept guest posts so be sure to check my “write for us” page.

Thank you for dropping by!

Expect good stuff and lots of unique home style ideas coming your way.

Stay cool,