Top Tips for Quick Home Cleaning

home cleaning

Do you ever put off the cleaning in your home because it is so time consuming? Or have you ever thought about paying someone to do it for you as it is such a large chore?

There is no such thing as a ‘too-clean’ home and allergies like asthma and other inflammatory diseases are not caused by home cleaning.

So how can you cut the time taken to make your living quarters shine?

Quick Window Care

There is a reason professional window cleaners use a squeegee: it is the best tool for their job. Instead of paper towels and spray, use a bucket of dish soap and water to sponge onto your windows.

Use your squeegee to scrape off the remaining soap for streak-free, clean windows.

Opening your windows regularly is also thought to stop the spread of disease-causing pathogens so ensure you let in some air after cleaning your windows.

Dust From Top to Bottom

Have you ever dusted your coffee table only to cover it in more dust when cleaning around the window blinds?

Starting from the ceiling and working your way down will avoid doing double the work.

Invest in a good feather duster instead of a spray to avoid coating your home in chemicals if you have sensitivities.

Battle the Mold

Bathrooms with little to no air flow can look a little black around the edges but the mold can be beaten.

Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle will help get rid of existing mold, but be very careful when using and wear protective clothing as it is corrosive in large quantities.

To prevent any mold from growing again, use that squeegee to wipe away dripping water from your bathroom tiles.

Carpet Cleaning Cuts

Keeping your carpet clean does not have to be a chore: vacuum the room in straight lines from the left of the room to the right to cut time.

It is a good idea to invest in a carpet cleaner or shampooer as vacuuming is not enough to keep pet stains, odors and other nasties away.

Read some carpet cleaner reviews to ensure that you choose the best one for your type of carpets.

Following these tips once every two weeks will ensure that cleaning is just maintenance rather than doing one deep clean every month.

This will also cut the time taken to keep your home looking at its best.

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