5 Great Ways to Present Your Art Pieces in the House

wall pictures

Now, most people think that there is no right or wrong way to put pictures on a wall. You just place them wherever there is space and leave them be.


There are numerous elements that need to be considered such as picture dimensions, type of frame, wall size, symmetry etc. However, your picture layout isn’t only affected by your walls; it is also affected by other items and furniture within the room.

As you can see, there are numerous things that need to be taken into account and I will help you understand them.

  1. Linear layout

When we say that something is placed linearly this means that everything is the same line whether we are talking about horizontal or vertical positioning. It is the first and most important rule of hanging your pictures.

Of course, it is much easier if all the pieces are of the same dimensions. Have in mind that linear setup is ideal for homeowners that have pictures in different styles and from different painters. This way, you are achieving at least some harmony.

  1. Net layout

This approach combines horizontal and vertical linear layout. Images should create a big square when positioned together. This is perfect for collections and pictures of the same sizes.

Have in mind that net layout has to be planned perfectly. If you make a mistake when positioning at least one nail, it can ruin the whole composition.

  1. Grouping together

Unlike previous two approaches, grouping layout is a freestyle approach. For example, you can group pictures that are of different sizes and with different frames.

But, even though pictures are placed asymmetrically, there needs to be some balance to it all. Distances between art works should be relatively close to one another. This way, it is easy to say that they belong to the same set.

Great thing about groups is that you can easily add more random pictures as you do not have to focus on same authors and styles.

  1. Gallery expo

This is the best setup for art lovers. If you have too many pictures, you will likely have to decorate your whole walls with them. They will go from floor to the ceiling and all across the walls.

The approach gives you a lot of room for combining stuff. Have in mind that it is much better in homes with high ceiling and in rooms with little furniture.

  1. Freestyle

Lastly, we come to freestyle approach. Unlike grouping where there was some semblance of order, freestyle allows you to combine whatever you wish. This method is great for artistic, chaotic homes that are filled with different colors.

As with everything else, pictures should complement the rest of your interior design. In that regard, it is a very situational approach and should be used in a limited number of cases.


Before you start doing anything else, make sure to plan ahead. Check all your pictures and see if you can cluster them together. This will save you a lot of time later on when you start hanging them.

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