My graphic design portfolio of logo design, identity design, poster, print design and brand development projects. See the work below.

M3 Holiday Greetings

M3 Capital Partners email 'Holiday Greetings' illustration, created while at Froeter Design

‘JFK 35th Presidency Timeline’ booklet

'JFK, 35th Presidency Timeline' booklet front cover.

Poster chapter page.

'JFK, 35th Presidency Timeline' booklet back cover.

Breezy Creative Design

Original ‘mark’ of abbreviation (~) used to visually abbreviate and create a ‘logo mark’ for BCD.

Breezy Creative Design is my design studio based in Windy city, Chicago. The tilde (~) was originally created as a ‘mark’ of abbreviation. For this logo, I have used the tilde as an abbreviation mark or ‘logo mark’ for Breezy Creative Design to simplify and shorten a long business name.

Promotional material to inspire curiosity and drive the BCD logo to audience.
BCD visual identity, 2 column information set is applied to all branding material.
Breezy Creative Design letterhead.

SRET Architects

Recent logomark exploration for the SRET Architects logo, see why.

Sweeney Todd WolfTrap Poster 24″x36″

Souls consumed by Sweeney Todd's blade. A red handle represents a murderers stained bloody hands.

Opera of London barber, Benjamin Barker, alias Sweeney Todd. After being fasely accused for and imprisoned for 15 years, is out for revenge.

Sketches for the Sweeney Todd poster.

Tales of Hoffmann poster 24″x36

The poster showcases the body of Stella, formed from Hoffmann's 3 fallen loves, in heartbrake and impending death.

The poet Hoffmann recounts stories of his 3 past loves that broke his heart. Although he has found new love in Stella, she embodies the 3 unique traits of each woman he fell out of love with.


An advocacy group with creative ties to advertising. This meant that the logo design had to be contemporary, yet have a slight mark of creativity to showcase its competitive advantage of creative thinking.

Musik Agency

MUSIK AGENCY is an online community where music creatives can meet, share and create together.

The logotype for Musik Agency is placed in vertical form to represent music bars, a key component in music creation.

Musik Agency is a talent gathering agency. A unique and very different way to find and share music talent. Producers, singers, songwriters, and other music creatives can meet to collaborate and create new music.

A different agency for different people, music creatives.

In order to depict what the agency does, I created a simple yet powerful visual identity; Mix, Create, Write, Produce, Play. The tagline is aimed at its target market of music professionals. The posters are an extension of the brand and illustrate “mixing music their way.”

Musik Agency logo and identity design.

Pearson English Learning System

Pearson English Learning, Elements of Success brochure and ipad application cover.
Users can grab, move, combine, or tap to learn about an individual element.

The Pearson Elements compliment each other and can work in different variations. Element 1 (Assess) can be used with Element 3 (Instruct), all depending on the specific need of an individual student. The application shows this through its ability to mix and match elements, without the use of a specific order.

Yolo Foods Identity and Packaging

Wordmark for Yolo Foods LLC, Artisan Mexican Sauce brand.

Yolo is short for Yolotl, meaning heart. I am currently in the process of designing identity, branding and label/packaging for Yolo Foods LLC. Files releasing soon!

Westwood Country Club

Westwood Country Club logo, Virginia. The weathervane points west.

Almost Home Foundation

Almost Home Foundation is an animal rescue organization that helps dogs and cats find their forever homes.

An animal organization dedicated to providing homes for defenseless animals. Great organization and an even better cause. The word ‘almost’ is in a contrasting italic sarif typeface, when placed next to Home Foundation. It is purposely italicized to depict a forward movement and a feeling of arriving home.

The new logo design and identity design system I created for Almost Home changes its current brand image to give us the opportunity to target a larger percentage of the population.

The identity Design system for Almost Home Foundation sets the important figure in the background, almost colorless to depict a need that can only be made better by people offering a helping hand. The colored line is the path home.


JobaJobba is a job portal website currently under development. The identity design I created for Jobba focuses not on jobs, but on the unique idea of securing and providing people’s needs, wants and luxuries through JobaJobba.

Dounia Identity

Dounia, Mediterranean food company.

The details of the brief stated that its primary competitors were very traditional. To counter their approach, I designed a logo that embodied the traditions of the maditerranean, yet focused more on a modern approach to attract US consumers. The word ‘Dounia’ means world, and it was one of my clients requirements to include the earth in his new brandmark.

Although symbolizing the earth in the logo was important, I believed it was more important to create a design that connected the Dounia brand with Mediterranean, natural earth grown food.

The use of the tree represents food from nature. I created an identity design system for Dounia that visually allows them to create a brand image that can separate them from other mediterranean food companies serving the United States.

Music of the Baroque Gala 2012

Music of the Baroque, Gala Benefit 2012 A Musical Feast. Current work, Kym Abrams Design.

The Music of the Baroque celebrated its 41st Gala event with their well known, A Musical Feast theme. 2012′s sold out Benefit Gala earned $243,500, turning into their best year to date. I’m very happy with the result.

InMotion Sportswear

I created the InMotion Sportwear logo from the idea of using feathers on a forward moving arrow to create a unique and memorable shape that customers can easily identify. The initials ‘i’ and ‘n’ create the letter ‘m’.

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