Incredible Ways to Use Plants for Your Interior

flowers interior

People who love plants usually do not think of them as decoration pieces. Nevertheless, it is hard to neglect the fact that plant can enrich your living space giving it a completely new dimension.

Check out these tips that will help you use plants in your own home.

  1. Trick with mirrors

Here is an interesting idea. Instead of littering your living space with numerous plants (I’m not saying that’s bad in any sense) you can use mirrors as a way to reflect one or two plants. By doing that, you can create a green ambiance without actually sacrificing any space. This is an incredible tip for all those small apartments that do not have enough space for several pots.

  1. Creating a scenery

You don’t have to overkill it by getting numerous plants. Instead of that, you can get one bigger pot and create micro universe within it. For example, you can use one specie as a centerpiece while adding sand and pebbles. On top of that, you can add some miniatures, small houses and other trinkets that will enrich the area around the plant.

  1. Mix of plants and decoration

In order to emphasize the greenness, you can make a mix between interior décor and plants. For example, if you have plain green plants, you can paint the surrounding walls in green. If that seems too much, you can at least use wall stickers with green motifs. Have in mind that just by adding one impressive piece of furniture in matching color, you can create potent combination.

  1. Terrarium

Terrariums are a great choice for people who love both animals and plants. Make a combination of the two. Now, when it comes to animal, you can take whatever you’re comfortable with. It will create a contained environment that can fit great with certain interiors.

  1. Planting a small tree

Not everyone will have the ability to grow a tree within their home or apparent. But if you have the necessary space, you should definitely consider this. Unlike some smaller plants, tree can become the centerpiece of a room further increasing the natural vibe. Even if you do not have the space for a larger specie, you can at least get a bonsai.

  1. Vertical garden

Vertical gardens are great for terraces. Given that most urban apartments have limited space for growing plants, you can use this concept outside. Go full force with plants without any limitation. This is a great way to be surrounded with plants during summers and is an amazing solution for all those who love both plants and spending time outside.

  1. Ceiling flowers

We use to think that flowers should only be positioned on a shelf, near the windows. But what if I told you that ceiling flowers can also be quite attractive? You can hang potted plants from the ceiling instead of positioning them in some corner. This way you can attract much more attention and use them as an inseparable part of your décor.

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