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4 Unusual Pieces for Your Living Room

It is an undeniable fact that we invest much more time in arranging our living room than any other space within our home. This makes sense as this is the room where our guests spend most of their time during the visit. In fact, homeowners in general spend majority of our free time in our living rooms.

Due to this fact we constantly try to revamp it, create new interior solutions and try things that have never been tried before. In a way, we wish for our living room to be special, to be unique and to be good representation of our character.

If you like to think outside of the box, here is a list of unusual items that may help you with decoration.

  1. Settee

Settee or a love seat is a special type of sofa/chair. Actually, it is really hard to say what settee actually is. You can call it shortened sofa or elongated armchair. It is somewhere in between. Anyway, this piece is ideal for couples that are in love as it barely allows two people on. In terms of the design, it is definitely something else. You can easily combine it with other pieces of furniture and in a way, it improves atmosphere in the room as it forces people to sit closer together.

  1. Mirrors

Most people perceive mirrors as functional objects which shouldn’t be taken out of the bathroom or hallway. But what if I told you that the mirrors can be a great substitution to paintings? Nowadays, you can buy mirrors in various shapes and with really intricate frames. Because of it, more and more homeowners perceive them as decorative pieces instead of functional items. Mirrors are a great fit for white, sterile room and modern interior given their simplicity. Also, they can be a great solution for people who do not have a big collection of paintings or photographs but would like to have a wall decoration.

  1. Dents in the wall

Here is another solution for your walls. Instead of putting cupboards and cabinets, you can simply opt to drill holes in your walls. First and foremost, this will help you get more space. Naturally, your living room will look bigger due to it. Dents in the walls are also a décor solution. It reduces clutter in your living room making it look cleaner and well… different.

  1. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a somewhat modern item. Not everyone likes them but they can definitely provide something new to your living space. Similar to dents, due to the way they’re opening, sliding doors can make your living room seem more spacious. Besides that, sliding doors are a great fit for modern apartments given that this model is rather new and unusual for most people. As such, it will definitely bring a breath of fresh air to space.

What unusual item would you add to your living room? Is there a concept you would like to try? Share it in the comment section below!

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