Learning how to Write: Essential Skill for a Designer

Writing is hard. It is for most people except for the extremely lucky few. Sometimes you are lacking the words even when you are talking with your best friend let alone when you need to write something with a specific length and subject in mind.

We are writing every day and all the time. Most of us write in our personal and professional lives if you have an office job just think of how many emails you write and receive every day. If your writing skills are not any good you will appear unprofessional. If you are a student trough the course of your education you will write many essays and term papers.

If we take a look at more specific occupations writing just gets more difficult. If we take a look at a science writer for example. He or she must write extremely clearly and to the point so that the words don`t “eat up” the point that he is trying to make.

For the sake of this article, we will focus on designers. When it comes to designers writing represents a small but extremely important part of their jobs. In addition to the visuals that comes naturally, they usually have just a few words at their disposal to convey the desired message. So it is really important for designers to know which words to present, which words will have the most impact on the reader.

This is why it is so important to be good at writing. And this is why it is highly recommendable that you invest some time and energy so that you improve your writing skills and become better in all forms of written communication.

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I love to read. And reading will do wonders for your writing as well. Think about how, when you are reading a really good book, there is a movie seamlessly going in your mind. Everything is so clearly written and described that you know for a fact how things look even if they are abstract. Reading will also help you form your style. You will simply see which style you most prefer and try to write with those guidelines in mind. Not to mention that reading is incredibly fun and enjoyable. You will enrich your whole personality, and become a better writer just by sitting with a cup of hot coffee and a good book!

Learn by doing:

Writers write! So even if you are not a professional writer you should try to write as much as you can to get better. It is a skill that is required through hard work just like anything else. If you practice you will get better at it. There are plenty of jobs for writers even if you are an absolute beginner! You can get a few smaller jobs to get a sense of your tempo of writing how much material can you produce for a day and other useful information.

Don`t be afraid to show your work:

There are many people that have a secret novel or a play hidden away somewhere in the depths of their attics just because they are too afraid to show them to anyone. I am well aware that every piece of work you have ever written has a small part of you in it and when people read your stuff you would feel exposed. You should try and conquer that fear because it will only be for your benefit. If you are too shy to show your writing to people close to you there are plenty of online platforms and writing communities where you can get feedback on your work behind a safety of a screen name.

Get equipped:

I have mentioned online platforms and writing communities. Well, there are even more tools designed specifically to help you write and they come available for every budget. Most tools have basic packages that are free and premium ones that you need to pay a fee for. But there are some wonderful tools that are fully completely free. Coming back to designers and their usually limited word fond, there are tools that specifically target readability. They will analyze phrases and let you know which sentences are too cluttered and too difficult or confusing to read. These are also amazing helping tools for technical writers since their work must be crystal clear as well. People reading any technical document (like an instruction manual) must be able to understand without any difficulties what the writer meant. The Hemingway app is a wonderful free online editor that will help you write short clear sentences.

Avoid distractions:

Having to write something is hard enough as it is, but it is even harder if you are constantly distracted. Go into a quiet room or a dedicated place for work. Set aside a period of time where you will fully focus on your writing efforts. Try to avoid the internet in general except for research and if you can`t there are apps for this too. You can block out certain applications for extended periods of time or you can even shut down your internet connection. Whatever you do just try to stay fully focused on your work.


Re-read and check everything before printing or submitting. Submitting work with any kind of errors will just seem sloppy and unprofessional and it will result in you losing clients. Be sure that everything you mark as the final version is polished and error free!

There you have it with a bit of fun and a bit of effort you will be able to get your writing level up. Try to utilize as many tips as you can from this article. Reading is the most time consuming but it is the most fun as well. It will not only be a training for your writing but you will go on amazing adventures and visit magical words (Harry Potter fan here). Through a bit of help from the tools and focus you will do just fine!

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