New Work ‘M3 Holiday Greetings’ While at Froeter Design

Apr 18, 2012 / 1 Brilliant Comment

One of the best people I’ve had the chance to work for is, Chris Froeter from Froeter Design. He has a great sense of balance in design and a very keen eye for the smallest of details. Froeter Design is also one of the best graphic design studios in Chicago. But above all else, he is the coolest person in the design world. Everyone I’ve interviewed with has asked

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Michele Bachmann Poster

Aug 28, 2011 / Add your thoughts

John Stewart from Comedy Central’s the Daily Show said, “You want a photo that makes [Michele Bachmann] seem a little off? Make it out of her words.”

So I did.

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Sweeney Todd Poster

Aug 15, 2011 / Add your thoughts

I’ve been in the Washington DC area for the past 3 1/2 months working with White+Partners. On my way back home to Chicago and thought I’d post some of the work my Creative Director assigned me to. The first poster I created for WolfTrap is ‘Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet St.’ which is [...]

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Dounia, Identity Design

Sep 22, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

Here is some identity design work I created for Dounia, Mediterranean food. I also designed their logo over a year ago and have been given the opportunity to extend my design work for the identity design system I created. Follow the provided link to view the entire Dounia identity design project. The project required me [...]

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Graphic Design Portfolio Update

Sep 21, 2010 / 3 Brilliant Comments

Like my last post, I am giving you guys a heads up about my updated graphic design portfolio. I have only selected 6 of my latest projects, including my own personal identity design project so you can see my branding materials that I present to clients. Along with the visual feel of my design business, [...]

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Updating My pages

Sep 15, 2010 / Add your thoughts

I have been working very hard to update my pages with current and updated information about myself. So far, I have my about page done and am putting my portfolio together bit by bit. Hopefully I can update everything by the end of the week and post about my new projects. So stay updated and [...]

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Under Construction

Aug 18, 2010 / 2 Brilliant Comments

I have been extremely busy and finally have a chance to post something. If you are a returning visitor, you are viewing a redesigned website, much better in my opinion than the last layout. It is a simple 2 column, easy to navigative site, compared to the previous 3 column. If you are not familiar with Breezy Creative Design, it [...]

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