SRET Architects Logo Design Exploration

Nov 4, 2011 / Add your thoughts

A recent conversation with Mr. Joseph Michael Essex, partner of SX2 has made me rethink the SRET Architects logo design I worked on while at White+Partners. He has a very very well trained eye and mentioned that the mark is a good starting point, but should be pushed farther into its concept. I had to take his advice and took the structural idea for the mark a step further.

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Chicago’s Architect, Dr. Fazlur Rahman Khan

Oct 13, 2010 / 4 Brilliant Comments

The 1960′s downtown Chicago area was faced with an expanding population and a high demand for office space. Downtown buildings were being filled as soon as they were built, and space was running out. The average building construction height was limited to 30 stories due to the lack of advances in architectural engineering. Because building [...]

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Declined Identity

Oct 5, 2010 / Add your thoughts

What a perfect identity design for UCLA’s Architecture & Urban Design program. The abstract letterforms express what architecture has become. Rigidness and straight lines are a thing of the past, new architecture is innovative, ever-changing through shapes and angles. It has evolved into a form of expression, an art form in the largest of scales. Graphic Designer, Eddie Opara hit the nail on the head when he designed this for UCLA. Not only will it work today, it’s abstract letterforms can carry well into the future of Architecture and the school’s program.

Unfortunately the identity was declined.

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Creative Work Spaces/Places

Sep 2, 2010 / Add your thoughts

Creativity can stem from anywhere, most importantly, it can come thru your place of work. Most design agencies believe so and design their offices and identities around this concept. Keeping employees happy by making their work space mirror their work. Happy thoughts into thoughtful design.

Here are some of the best I found.

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“Non-Building” Green Building

Aug 31, 2010 / 2 Brilliant Comments

Originality in graphic design or identity design can be a problem if designers constantly look at works in the same field. A good graphic designer looks outside of their graphic design bubble for inspiration. That’s why I look at all sources of design for inspiration and creativity. Take a look at Fashion, Art, buildings and architecture, [...]

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