IBM “Smarter Planet” Icon Set

Aug 26, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

Yesterday I posted some ads that were very reminiscent of Paul Rand’s work for IBM in the 70′s. Today, their current “Smarter Planet” campaign takes a bit here and a bit there from the old ads and also implements these very creative smarter planet icons to represent the markets in which IBM can help your [...]

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IBM Paul Rand-esque Modern Ads & Posters

Aug 25, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

I stumbled upon these great ads from IBM on Popular Behavior, thought I should share them with you. If you guys remember my article on the Eye Bee M poster by Paul Rand and Lenscrafter’s not so clever bite, then these Paul Rand-esque ads will really appeal to you (if you’re into graphic design). My [...]

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Nolan’s Cheddar

Mar 30, 2010 / Add your thoughts

At first glance, Nolan’s Cheddar appears to be an advertising campaign from a company pushing the boundaries of cheese. It’s not. The video is actually a small film by John Nolan, a creative and  talented animatronics studio. The film pits a mouse against it’s long-time rival, the mouse trap. But with the power of cheese, [...]

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The Art Institute of Boston Viewbook

Mar 26, 2010 / Add your thoughts

The Art Institute of Boston Viewbook, designed by Visual Dialogue. For a third time now, Visual Dialogue, a design studio in Boston, has led the design of The Art Institute of Boston viewbook. Visual Dialogue’s style of work has earned them numerous awards, including some for AIB. Award winning work brings in future work. But [...]

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Not the gold, but 100% Green for Sun Chips

Mar 9, 2010 / Add your thoughts

Within the past 5 years, Sun Chips have removed over 5 million pounds of packaging waste through package size optimizations, film thickness improvements and seal changes. As innovative as their improvements have been, the materials being used provided limits on what Sun Chips could do. The reduction of waste and materials proved very cost effective, but not enough for them. Sun Chips’ brand image takes the green route and creating a 100% compostable package can position the brand into the forefront of green business. After 4 years of research and field trials, Sun Chips has found the packaging material called PLA, trademarked as Ingeo™.

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Red Cross, The NFL and EA’s Madden

Feb 4, 2010 / Add your thoughts

January 12, 2010 marked a catastrophic earthquake that shook Haiti to it’s core. Over 170,000 have lost their lives and now it is time to help those without shelter, food and water. The American Red Cross had immediately provided a helping hand. Through donations, the red cross is delivering relief by first aid posts, relief [...]

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Pepsi’s 1973 old school throwback

Jan 23, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

While at Target earlier this week, I stumbled upon a 12 pack of Pepsi that stood out like a sore thumb. I have never actually seen a printed version of the old logo (I’m 24) and was pleased by the sight. instantly, I whipped out my phone and took a few snapshots for future reference. [...]

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