Bathroom Renovation: 5 Dos And Don’ts You Should Know

bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation is a very touchy subject.

While most homeowners are preoccupied with the interior design, contractors usually focus on functionality and getting the job done. This difference of opinion is one of the main reasons why renovation gets stalled (besides all the issues that may pop-up during work).

In order to do a proper planning, you as a homeowner need to consider all the variables and issues that may appear mid-way. This is why we made a list of 5 dos and don’ts of bathroom renovations that will help you out during the process.

Dos if bathroom renovation

  • Stick to your budget

It is really easy to mess up your budget when renovating a bathroom. You might visit a shop, start purchasing tiles and lose majority of your budget on this first item. So, make sure to plan everything in advance and cover all the expenses before the actual work starts.

  • Expect the unexpected

Again, there are so many things that can go awry. This is why unpredictable issues should be included on your list of costs. Leave a certain amount of money on the side just in case.

  • Hire reputable professionals

Most people think that bathroom renovation is a routine job. Although this is true to an extent, there are many things that can go wrong. If that happens, it is much better to have a team of experienced professionals by your side.

  • Hire a construction guy

Every project should be led by a person who has a lot of experience and knowledge. It is a really bad decision for you to lead a project. Instead, make sure to hire a construction guy who will then assemble his team and oversee the works. If something bad happens during any of the processes, he will know how to react.

  • Get the right products

First of all, it is better to get products of mass production and always available in your country. This way, if anything happens, you know you can easily get spare parts. Also make sure to get items that are according to domestic standards.

Don’ts of bathroom renovation

  • Don’t shop online

It is really bad idea to shop tiles and other items online. Have in mind that some of the items may be unfit for your bathroom. In some cases, handyman may return them to you saying he can’t work with them. So, buy in a local shop and keep the receipt.

  • Don’t change the plumbing layout

Pipes are a sensitive topic as it is. If you decide to alter something, numerous things can go wrong and it will only complicate the entire process. Furthermore, you have to be 100 % confident that your plumber will do the job properly. If not, you may be forced to redo the entire bathroom. Best thing is not to change layout whatsoever.

  • Don’t shop based on your wants

Unlike most other room in your house, you will probably have to make compromises when it comes to bathroom. Besides the fact that you need to do electricity and plumbing, you will also have to fit all these items/accessories in space that is traditionally smaller than the other rooms in your home. Make sure to get products that will serve the purpose instead of focusing on the design.

  • Don’t forget upper areas

Again, one of the biggest mistakes people make with bathroom is treating it like the other rooms. Utilize every square meter of the room, including the higher areas. This is especially important for smaller bathrooms.

  • Don’t be concerned if things are going slow

As previously mentioned, various issues may appear along the way which can prolong the entire procedure. If the works are slower than expected, do not be flustered and try not to agitate the workers. By trying to finish things quickly, it can only lead to mistakes.


Bathroom renovation is all about patience and planning. Here’s a great ultimate guide on the topic I suggest you read!

If you keep calm, plan your budget and hire the right people for the job, you can rest assured that the renovation will go smoothly.

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  1. I am currently planning to do renovation my bathroom and I’m so glad I decided to keep my bathroom luxurious and trendy. These tips help me to do my renovation of bathroom in my budget. Thanks…

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