Sweeney Todd Poster

      Aug 15, 2011 / Add your thoughts

Sweeney Todd poster art direction, graphic design and custom typography

I’ve been in the Washington DC area for the past 3 1/2 months working with White+Partners. On my way back home to Chicago and thought I’d post some of the work my Creative Director assigned me to. The first poster I created for WolfTrap is ‘Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet St.’ which is an opera created in the mid 1800′s about a barber whom was falsely imprisoned for 15 years. Actual name, Benjamin Barker, uses the alias of Sweeney Todd in order to go unnoticed in London, England.

Sweeney’s weapon of choice if of course a barber’s blade, so the concept lies behind the blade and the people who will eventually lose their lives to its razor sharp edge. In order to avoid the cliche blood on the blade, I made the handle red to represent the stained blood on a murderers hand.

Check out my second poster, ‘The Tales of Hoffmann’ on my next post.


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