The Truth About Design

      Nov 1, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

Good design proves valuable for Wrench Monkees Motorcyles

Current product offerings from manufacturing companies are at mature states. Think about cars, TVs, furniture, shoes, computers and pretty much anything you can buy. All these things have been in existence for quite some time now, but businesses and people see them as high or low sales. The truth is that when we take an object that has been around for a certain amount of time, the only difference and separation is it’s design and the product’s quality (which require well designed parts). New to market ideas and products are rare and companies need to rely heavily on design to sell their goods. Product design, package design, ads,

Brands matter? Yes, true and a high profile brand can sell a product at a higher cost through perceived value or actual value. But the truth is that branding is tied to design and without good design, those products can’t be made to appeal to customers and they can’t be positioned for success through advertising and promotion. Companies can have the best, funniest and most appealing commercials, but if the products they are selling aren’t backed by good design and quality, then buy or a repeat purchase is rare.

What I am trying to say in this post is; Design is valuable. More valuable than companies want to give designers credit for. It’s not about accounting or the big wigs, but about designers and overall product design, package design and everything else design needed for a customer to be inclined to purchase a given product. To encourage product consumption and create appeal for a product.

Don’t undervalue design and your design, let your clients know what design can do for them.


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  1. James, on

    Under value for the importance of design is something I see every day. But mostly from smaller companies, I recon simply to give you the designer the idea of, well your design and time for this new product is not that important to get you to lower your quote or rate…

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