WarrenPeace Rabbits, Street Art

      Oct 28, 2010 / 2 Brilliant Comments

My favorite from the site, Bazooka Joe by Ben Fowler

Street art or guerilla marketing, whatever you want to call it. I like it. I’ve been contemplating a new Street Art campaign for Breezy Creative Design onto the city streets of Chicago, It’s been in the brain vault for some months now. Just as I was feeling re-inspired, I stumbled onto WarrenPeace as I was catching up on some design articles online and one link led to another.

Some info: WarrenPeace is a public art project with the purpose of involving city residents into an interactive exhibit, something everyone can have fun with. Anyone interested can join and create a unique rabbit with their own personal design style. Rabbits are to be placed in shop fronts or around and urban areas. Find out how you can get your hands on one for free and extend the project past the city of Leeds, England by contact him via contact@warrenpeace.co.uk.

The rabbits are free of charge, you just have to show Warren what you plan on doing with it. But why a rabbit you say.. Well Warren’s street are is primarily composed of rabbits, so a rabbit was his logical choice. I like the idea of street art popping up in strange places, sort of how a rabbit pops up from underground. The 2 might go hand in hand.

See more below and get involved.

Bazooka Joe in full

Shop front Exhibit Ace

Black N Gold by James Downing

Don't Drink Kids by Alexandra Nightingale

See more on the site.


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    This is Sooo cool!!

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