New Navigation Layout!

      Oct 26, 2010 / Add your thoughts

New layout for logo and navigation still based on the 12-column grid

I’ve had this new navigation logo and link layout on file for a bit and have finally decided to implement it.

The new layout is based on the same 12 column grid system the website is based on, with some minor necessary tweaks. If you can remember, the logo was accompanied by it’s logotype of Breezy Creative Design set in Helvetica and the logo’s blue color. I always thought the logo was strong enough to stand alone (see the logo concept here) and actually looks better as it currently stands, so I removed it. Readers can still find my website name as a working link, Breezy Creative Design next to the navigation links set in typeface Georgia italics at 18pt.

I feel the new navigation and logo layout provides an overall better balance and presentation. What do you think? If you have time, share your thoughts on the comment section below. Do you like the new layout? Does it have better balance? Your thoughts are appreciated.


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