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      Oct 20, 2010 / Add your thoughts

The Ork posters take well known cities and divide neighborhoods through typography, Seattle above

If you are into posters, typography and dig your city, then you will like or atleast appreciate the work of Ork Posters. The medium sized posters are based on unique grids that provide the poster cities with a nice structural feel, while braking the mold with over and undersized typography. It’s printing technique is a little different than the average poster, due to them being screen prints. In case you were wondering, screen prints are made by using a stencil process that is superimposed on a fine mesh screen. Ink is then squeezed through the screen onto the paper to create a slight depth and grainier/artistic lines. Just a note, screen printing originated in China and popularized in 1960′s USA by Andy Warhol with his popular depiction of Marilyn Monroe.

It’s nice to see your own neighborhood, the typography used to represent it and other places you have been to in your city.

If you are interested in purchasing a print for cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, LA or more, head on over to OrkPosters.com. City posters start at $22 and Body organs at $17.

The website is nice too by the way, Huge type always looks good.


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