Like or Dis-Like of Swiss, Contemporary

      Oct 2, 2010 / 1 Brilliant Comment

2nd Chicago International Poster Biennial 2010 Poster by Paula Scher

My favorite design style is swiss and purely concept driven. In other words, visual communication. Although I do appreciate all design and design styles, I just happen to like it best. Designers create art, others communicate messages, while others like to create dramatic images. With so many different design styles out there, it makes me wonder what is the true percentage of designers and maybe even non-designers who like and dislike posters and print design made with swiss style execution. Designs which are mostly done in clean sans serif typefaces like Helvetica or Gotham, but not a always and not a strict rule either.

World famous designer Paula Scher dislikes Helvetica, yet her style of design is all concept, smart ideas, typographic, clean and simple design. So to an extent, her style is swiss, yet she adds her own flavor to it. A great example of this is the poster design she created for the second Chicago International Poster Biennial some months back. A number 2 inspired by a rolled poster, see above. The event’s primary goal is to: help realize posters as the quintessential public art form. She cleverly and effectively communicated the event’s message with her poster design.

Others accept the style too. Large brands like Gap and apple also effectively deliver their messages through simple design quite well.

So, what are designers thoughts on the design style? Do companies just accept it or like it? Is the style the right fit for everyone?

What do you think? Your thoughts on the matter…


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