15 Creative energy drink logos

      Apr 7, 2010 / 7 Brilliant Comments

Red Bull Racing Edition sized can.

Red Bull elevates the energy drink bar by introducing their over the top 19.2 oz Racing Edition can in celebration of their first Nascar win. Holding 10% of the energy drink market, Red Bull plans on increasing the margin through dedicated Nascar followers.  Estimated at 75 million, Nascar fans are 3 times more likely to purchase Nascar related merchandise than non-fans. Loyal followers are willing to purchase anything Nascar. For example In 2004 when Dale Earnhart Jr. graced a handful of collectible KFC buckets  (yes collectible).

In light of Red Bull’s new 19.2 oz sized energy drink can, I’ve decided to search for all the relevant energy drink logos I could find. Below is a list of the most relevant and popular energy drink logos.

1. Red Bull logo

Red Bull Logo Design

2. Gatorade logo

Gatorade logo

3. Monster logo

Monster logo design

4. Shark logo

5. Throwdown logo

Throwdown logo

6. Full Throttle logo

7. Nos logo

NOS logo

8. Amp logo

Amp logo

9. Mother logo

Mother logo

10. Powerade logo

11. K1X logo

12. Rockstar logo

Rockstar logo

13. Roaring Lion logo

Roaring lion logo

14. Danube energy drink conceptual logo

15. Burn logo


7 Comments to "15 Creative energy drink logos"

  1. hi you should really add is dc and creature even no they are not energy drinks and website really helped and give a shout out to sam and callum

  2. Mari, on

    I think Battery (from Finland) would be a great addition to the list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_Energy_Drink :)

  3. Eugenio Lobbins, on

    My fav is Red Bull. The can design really stands apart from the competition.

  4. You should check out British brand Lucozade. The branding is a little bit less muscle-head than most. They’re focusing a lot more on sport/health then adrenaline.

  5. Yes, the type has evolved over time, but never fully changed to a different face/mark.

    Thanks for the input and link!

  6. Not quite sure if I’m digging the design/branding aspect, but their approach to energy drink products is refreshing.

    Thanks for info, Wily.

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