10 Best wordmark logos of all-time

      Feb 26, 2010 / 13 Brilliant Comments

Find the 10 best wordmark logos of all time below

Previously written are the 5 different types of logos, one of the first articles on Breezy Creative Design. You can also view the best logos of all time article here. I will discuss the 5 types of logo designs in individual articles and provide a list of the most influencial logos in their respective categories. We’ll start with wordmark logos.

Wordmark logos are uniquely styled fonts that spell out the company name. Specialized type treatment logos prove to be among the most difficult to create, as they have no accompanying mark and rely on the execution of the type to represent an entire brand. The following logos possess this characteristic and capture the essence of the companies they represent.

Close runner-up logo design.


The primary colors of the eBay logo depict fun, excitement and childlike energy. Overlapping letters in the wordmark logo design suggest bonding within the eBay community.

10. Visa

The Visa wordmark logo was redesigned in 2006 to better reflect the broad range of electronic payment products provided by visa’s member financial institutions.

9. Craftsman

The Craftsman wordmark logo embodies the tools it represents with the use of angular shapes and sharp corners. Notice the C and A have edges like a nut and wrench.

8. Disney

The Disney wordmark logo is a stylized version of the Walt Disney signature. The wordmarks on this list embody the companies they represent, which is the reason why the Disney logo stands at number 7. It perfectly captures the playfulness of being a child through it’s curves and thick strokes.

7. Ferrari

Although Ferrari does have a logo mark, it uses the wordmark quite often. The Ferrari wordmark design has the strength to stand alone, without the mark. It exudes Luxury and sophistication.

6. Xerox

Even though it has been replace, check the Xerox website, it’s still one of the best wordmark logos of all-time.

5. New York Life

The New York Life logo was designed by Raphael Boguslav during his time at Lippincott & Margulies

4. Canon

Canon, Inc is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing imaging and optical products. It’s unique font choice of sharp corners, conveys the level of precision Canon’s products are manufactured and operate at.

3. Citi

Logo and identity design by Paula Scher, Scher famously sketched the logo on a napkin in one of the initial meetings with the company. See the sketch and article here.

2. FedEx

The concept behind the logo bumps the FedEx wordmark logo to number 2. Notice the arrow created by negative space in between the E and the x that signifies forward movement.

1. Coca-Cola

The Coca Cola wordmark logo has not seen a change since it’s debut in 1885.  It is the perfect example of a timeless logo and for this reason, holds the number 1 spot. The Coca Cola wordmark logo was created by Frank Mason Robinson, bookkeeper to the drink’s inventor, John Pemberton. The chosen typeface, Spencerian Script, was the primary form of formal handwriting during that period.

On a side note, take a look at the logos that made the list, all aside from the FedEx logo have either red or blue as the dominant choice of color. What do you think of the list? Could I have included another? What would you have put as your top 10 wordmark logos of all-time?


13 Comments to "10 Best wordmark logos of all-time"

  1. This is a great list of wordmark logos. I think it really goes to show how classic logos work in flat graphics and with only one or two colors.

    It still amazes me that the Coca-Cola logo has survived this long. It is such a great logo and has stood the test of time. Of course the branding around Coca-Cola over the years has been great and evolved with the times. The company has been smart to keep the logo the same to build on brand equity. It is a great strategy for any company.

    And I have to say I really enjoy the Visa logo. I think it is simple but the small embellishment on the “V” has a depth that makes it work.

  2. Yes, it’s amazing to think that a common typeface in that era would create an iconic flag for Coca-Cola today. They really lucked out on the popularity of the typeface in the late 1800′s and it’s large drop in use thereafter. A wordmark that really speaks for the brand.

  3. ha, I will try out my thought, your post brings me some good ideas, it’s really awesome, thanks.

    - Norman

  4. Thanks Norman, Glad my post can help. If you enjoyed this, then check out my latest post on the best logos of all time. A countdown of 25.

  5. roberto, on

    Ferrari uses the prancing horse. So it’s not a true wordmark.

  6. Roberto,

    Please read my description below the Ferrari wordmark. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Andrei, on

    Very subjective list. It doesn’t cover all the well known intelligent wordmarks. Some look like are there just for advertising, which is bad. I am sure that there are a lot more good wordmarks than XEROX or CRAFTSMAN – nothing more than fonts, no creativity.

  8. Brian, on

    I’d say Nike is #2

  9. Ajay V. Shevade, on

    Nice information. Really motivational.


  10. James, on

    These are great but how could IBM be omitted?

  11. there’s logos and companies outside the states, breezy

  12. Aimee, on

    The Coca Cola logo has in fact evolved a bit over the years: http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/125/history-of-coca-cola-logo.html

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