The logo design process for Dounia, Mediterranean food

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Logo design for Dounia, a Mediterranean canned food company

I would like to share my design process to one of my latest identity designs, the Dounia logo. Early in November, I received a phone call from Elie, the owner of Mounsef Business Investments. Elie is going into business for himself after working at his fathers company and needed a logo to differentiate himself from his fathers offerings. MBI is the company name, (I also did that logo, you can find it in my portfolio here) and is introducing his first products through the Dounia label. Dounia meaning, world or earth. We met a few times during the logo design process and the questions asked in the client (creative) brief stated that,

His brand should provide a modern look with a slight traditional feel. He pointed out several of his competitors designs, which primarily consisted of emblem type of logos and wanted the same look. I was opposed to mirroring the look of those logos, but he strongly pushed for it. The designs he showed me were simple in style and only provided a border outside of the actual text.

After careful study of the brief and some thorough research of my own, I began drawing out some rough sketches to get some ideas out (when I say rough, I mean rough).  You can find some of them below.

quick sketches to get my ideas out

In this stage of the design process, it is important to quickly get your ideas down on paper.

I chose the best sketches and did some fine-tuning on my drawings. After that, I got on the computer and opened up Illustrator. Out of five concepts, he chose the logo design below.

Dounia world logo designThe use of the circle shape symbolizes the earth and uses blue & green to tie everything together. The mark inside uses the 3 trees to create 2 smaller ones and provides a more earthy feel. My client really liked this one, but changed his mind about creating an identity based off of his competitors. Back to the drawing board for me.

Most of my concepts relied on the use of trees and such in order to symbolize what he offers, which are canned vegetables . All my concepts boiled down to incorporating a nature aspect to the word Dounia (world or earth). Eventually, I got my final idea right before I fell asleep (happens all the time) and made a quick sketch on my iphone through the FountainPen app. The app is a great tool that allows me to sketch when I don’t have pen and paper handy. You can also adjust the opacity and create your own colors.

I used color to indicate what I drew.

Final Illustrator Design

Black & White and Color vesions

The final concept is a tree with leaves that branch out, notice the 4 branches. The continents are made to branch out like leaves, similar to the left and right leaves. The colors used are those found in the Mediterranean sea and represent the Mediterranean culture.

Thanks for reading this post, let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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