What makes a good logo?

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The 5 principles of logo design

What makes a good logo? A good logo is instantly recognizable, simple in form, easy to remember, built for longevity, and able to fit different mediums of branding material.

The 5 principles to follow when designing a logo are:

1. Simple

2. Memorable

3. Timeless

4. Versatile

5. Relevant


Chase logo design by Chermayeff & Geismar

In order for a good logo design to take shape, we must take our concepts down to their simplest form. Simplicity is key and allows a logo to be easily recognized. Without simplicity, a logo cannot follow it’s other principles of memorability and versatility.


Nike’s curves and simplicity make it one of the most memorable logos of all time.

To build a lasting impression, a logo must be memorable. How else will your client’s customers remember them? Complexity of design serves as a negative in a logo design, your logo will have only a few seconds to be absorbed by the average person. keep it simple.


The Coca Cola logo has not changed since it’s debut in 1885

Timeless refers to no particular point in time. Focus on building a strong concept for your logo and keep away from trends. As trends fade away, so will the logo. A timeless logo allows your client to enjoy it’s longevity, allowing your design to stay on board for the long-term.

When designing a logo, remember to:

- Build a strong concept

- Stay away from trends

- Design for the long-term


Electrica Bahia logo design by Oficina de Diseno y Marketing

Logos are marks and symbols that represent a business. As companies market themselves through various forms and mediums, they apply their logo to business cards, advertisements, folders and many more. When designing a logo, it is important to consider logo size equally on a business card as on a billboard.

Can a logo be applied to various forms of size and color? Think about:

- Printing in small and large sizes

- Can the concept be understood in 1 color

- Cost of printing multiple colors

Design and present your logo concepts in only black and white, as colors can obscure your clients judgment and take away from the concept. Consider printing the logo in a 1 inch square. Is it visible? Thin lines are likely to fade or disappear when printing in small sizes, think about this when drawing your initial sketches.


The Audi logo is appropriate for the company’s image.

Does your logo fit the purpose and identity of the company? A logo must portray the company it represents through the use of shape and form. A good rule to follow (not always though) is, smooth lines for a youthful company and straight lines for a structured company.

What’s your opinion on good logo design?


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