5 Different Types Of Logos

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Logos are very important for business and a must if you are planning to build or design a strong brand identity. A well constructed logo can create loyal followers through simplicity and memorability. If you are designing a logo, you should follow all 5 principles of good logo design. Also, be aware that a logo is the visual representation of a company/brand’s values, beliefs and functions. When designing one, think of the feel and visual cues you need to represent the business the right way. Along with how the logo will look on products, advertisements and branding collateral. It’s an entire package and not just one small mark you are designing, so remember, the logo you design will serve as the first recognition point for your client’s business. If you would like a more in depth definition of a logo, read a full definition here.

If you design or brand correctly, you might get loyal fans like apple’s.

Well, you need a logo or need to design one and are unsure of the options available to you. I will give you a brief description of each type of logo, the better solution to your design problem, and explain them through the use of successful logo designs in use today.

These famous brandmark symbols require no text to be identified.

Brandmark Symbol – This type of symbol represents the company in a simple but bold manner. Most often represented through an abstract design. Usually, the ideas and concept behind the logo are complex, yet are represented in the simplest form possible. Examples of a brandmark include shell, Mercedes-Benz and apple. The human mind can easily remember a simple form better than a complex one. It is best to use a brandmark symbol if you plan on building a global brand and have the funds to back it up.

Wordmark – Is a uniquely styled font type that spells out the company or brand name. Technology companies usually use this type of logo, as stylized text looks best on electronics and expresses the sophistication of a company. Examples of a wordmark include Sony, Samsung and Microsoft. Other great examples are Facebook and Google, the world’s most visited website.

Lettermark – Are exclusively typographic. The lettermark uses the company name written out, yet has a symbol representing the company through the use of its initials or the brands first letter. Think HP, IBM and Honda. The best usage for this type of logo depends on many different variables such as; your initials can better graphically illustrate the company better than the full name, the name is too long, hard to pronounce, or is just not distinct enough to carry its own weight.

Combination Mark – Is the combination of a symbol and a wordmark. The purpose of the combination mark is to create an identity that embodies a given company through the use of a symbol and type treatment. In certain situations and with proper investment of time & money, a strong combination mark can use its symbol to represent the company without the use of text. Great examples include; Mexicana Airlines, Bank of America, 9/11 Memorial, and Rip Curl.

Emblem – An emblem logo encases the company name within the design. Most notable emblem logos include; Harley Davidson, UPS and NFL.

What’s your favorite type of logo?


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    i m a fan of your blog and articles. i have been following many a bit now.Thanks for writing this, I love reading your stuff keep it up.

  2. Interesting thinking, will put this to good use. Curiously when you intelligently use design there is much information out there that designers could use to get many more ideas. Amazing!. Thanks.

  3. Thanks, Andrei. Glad you like what I do, I’m just thankful I can brush up on the topic of design and logo design.

  4. No problem, John! Good design is something that takes time to execute, same for developing ideas into concepts.

  5. Chan, on

    Great post! I need your suggestion.

    My application is used maintain a list a cars. I have created few icons. A square with a car silhouette is my base icon. It represents a car. For adding a car, i have slapped a “plus” symbol on top of the base car icon. Similarly minus symbol on top of base icon for deleting a car. There is also a hyperlink to see the types of cars. When user clicks on this, they will see the list of car types – sedan, coupe, suv etc. I am trying to design an icon for the link. I want to use the base car icon and add some kind of symbology for “types”. Just like plus means adding, minus means deleting, a gear wheel means settings, is there a symbology for “types”?

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    thanks – i will use it in a lesson tomorrow morning (3rd year class of a school of art – branch: graphic design – location: sicily, italy).
    i have really appreciated the fact that you have shared this piece of information with me and my students.

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